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Firmware and Virtual Appliance Downloads

WD Arkeia Appliance Type
Appliance Virtual Appliance
Backup Servers Initial Installation Appliance firmware pre-loaded VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi
Upgrades Firmware Upgrade

WD Arkeia virtual appliances, along with firmware upgrades, are delivered as OVF files and can be deployed on any VMware hypervisor.

WD Arkeia Virtual Appliance

The WD Arkeia virtual appliance is a turn-key solution to protect VMware environments. This appliance embeds the WD Arkeia network backup server, the Web User Interface as well as WD Arkeia's vStorage backup agent.

Appliance Upgrade Package

Distinct firmware packages are used for 32-bit appliances (Models x00 and x10) and 64-bit appliances (Models x20 and x300). The 32-bit firmware can also be used to upgrade the Arkeia Virtual Appliance version 9.0.x or below. The 64-bit version is used to upgrade the WD Arkeia virtual appliance. Packages upgrade both WD Arkeia network backup and the embedded operating systems. All configuration data is maintained during upgrades.

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1. Review the Software License Agreement

2. Download a package

New installation packages Download size Required disk space ANB version Platforms  
WD Arkeia Virtual Appliance 617MB 254GB v10.2.7 VMware vSphere & ESX/ESXi 4.x, 5.x

Firmware upgrade packages Download size Required disk space ANB version Platforms  
WD Arkeia Appliance (x20, x300) Firmware Upgrade 506MB N/A v10.2.7 Arkeia Physical Appliance (Models x20, x300)
Arkeia Virtual Appliance for VMware 9.1.x and above
WD Arkeia Appliance (x00, x10) Firmware Upgrade 76MB N/A v9.0.15 Arkeia Physical Appliance (Models x00 and x10)
Arkeia Virtual Appliance 9.0.x

All packages are delivered with a 30-day evaluation license. (Learn about Arkeia licensing policies.) When you purchase a perpetual or subscription license, you will simply copy the new license keys into your existing "evaluation" installation. No software re-installation is necessary.

3. Download backup agents packages

After you've downloaded an appliance as your Backup Server, if you wish to protect physical servers, you'll need to download packages for Backup Agents. Please go to the software download page to download these packages.