WD Arkeia Components Arkeia Backup Server Deployment Type
Software Application Appliance Virtual Appliance
Backup Servers Software Download Virtual Appliance
& Firmware Download
Other Components Software Download

The table to the right provides links to download the WD Arkeia Suite. Depending on the deployment mode, Backup Servers are downloaded as either software or virtual appliance packages. Other components always require a software download.

Backup Servers

Arkeia Backup Servers can be deployed as hardware appliances, virtual appliances, or traditional software applications. The functionality is the same.

When an Arkeia Backup Server is deployed on an appliance, whether a hardware appliance or virtual appliance, we describe the upgrade package as "firmware", downloadable from our Virtual Appliance & Firmware Download page. When an Arkeia Backup Server is installed on a Linux or UNIX platform, we describe it as "software", downloadable from our Software Download page.

WD Arkeia product-to-package table

Other Components

Arkeia Backup Agents and options are packaged and operate the same, whichever Backup Server deployment mode you choose. Arkeia delivers Backup Agents on over 200 platforms, including virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as AIX, BSD, HP-UX, MacOS, Netware, Solaris, and VMware. We also support image backups of the major virtualized environments including VMware's vSphere, Microsoft's Hyper-V, and Citrix's XenServer. Use our Software Download page.

Technical Support

Contact Technical Support if you need technical assistance after your download. Customers should log in to the customer support portal to submit a new case. Customers without login credentials can request credentials.

Help With Software Packaging

Our Software Download page provide hundreds of download packages for over 200 platforms. To download the package that corresponds to your desired product, please consult our Software Packaging help page. For example, when you deploy an Arkeia Backup Server as a software application, you must download and install the Web User Interface separately.

Help With Licensing

If you download software or firmware for which you have not yet purchased a license key, the products will provide a free 30-day evaluation license. Read our Help With Licensing for more information.